Pain Free Period Meditation

Unleash the healing power within yourself with a meditative story about the onset of menstruation.The start of menstruation marks a new stage in a woman's life. With this exercise, you rewrite that moment to support your well-being. By doing this exercise, you will also heal the challenges associated with the femininity of previous generations. The background music is at a frequency of 396Hz, which is said to dissolve shame, negativity and fear. Themes: menstruation, sex, femininity, mother, grandmother, foremother, mother earth, feminine energy. Suitable for teenagers and up.  You can use the exercise independently or as a support for the Free to Heal ® method. The relaxing soundscape of the exercise was composed by Reino Nordin. You can use the training recording for 1 year.

What People Are Saying:

I did the meditation in Finnish 2,5 years ago and it was a huge game changer! I've experienced extremely painful period since I was 14 and was on hormonal contraception for 13 years because of it. After the meditation all the guilt and shame just vanished and my attitudes towards the female body changed 🥰 And all the pain is gone! Instead I have very regular and beautiful period ❤️

Maria. I have to tell that this is incredible. For years my period has lasted 7 days and been extremely painful. I did the meditation a few times, since that my menstruation is regular. I dont have PMS and I bleed only for 3 days. This meditation is a really small cost compared to all pain killers that I have bought. I recommend this to all interested!


After I started doing this meditation my cycle has been regular and no pain sensations at all. I am so thankful!


I did this meditation twice. Since then, I haven't suffered from period pains once! I had used painkillers for almost 10 years, always during my periods. I can not thank you enough!

Minna from Finland

€12,90 EUR

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