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The Power of the Mind - A Chinese Man Run a Marathon CHAIN-SMOKING!

power of mind and neuroplasticity

A Chinese 50 year old male run the marathon in under 3.28 while he was CHAIN-SMOKING!

I think this is great news. Let's make it clear - I don't like nor recommend smoking. But still, I think that this peace of news is ABSOLUTELLY WONDERFUL!

Because it is stunning example of how our mind affects our physical body.

Is Smoking Dangerous?

I want to say it again. I don't recommend smoking.

BUT what I deeply think is that the substance itself is never the "problem".

If something is harmful for us, it is usually connected to negative expectations towards that substance and other negative core beliefs about our own resources of the environment. ("I am weak", "I am sensitive", "I need to be in control", "The world is not safe". etc)

Smoking is linked to various health issues. But if you really look at it, there are always exceptions: people that seem to be immune to the effects of a harmful substance. I know several cases, where someone that has smoked for 70 years, lived a happy life and died at their 90's.

My theory is that these people are not immune to the negative effects of tabacco, but they are immune to the negative beliefs about negative health effects of smoking. (Also they are immune to the negative beliefs that make them smoke. Usually addictions are reflections of feeling of lack in childhood. But this is an other story...)

At the moment I, couldn't run the marathon in 3.28 and I couldn't smoke two cigarettes without fainting. I don't blame running nor the cigarettes of that. My belief system just does not support these activities - at moment.

IF I would have the MOTIVE to change my belief system AND I would PRACTICE step by step according to the principles of neuroplasticity, no doubt I COULD do the same IMPRESSIVE performance as the Chinese man!


My Thoughts on Restricting Diets

I have some friends that are on the "health coach business".

🥕I have one friend that has a course on a vegan health diet and an other friend who promotes a carnivore diet (he eats only meat) 🥩.

They both say that their diet is the most healthy. The vegan lady tells how her health issues disappeared after she abandoned all meat and dairy products. The carnivore-guy posts daily about the "harmful substances" that vegetables contain.

They both seem healthy. Still, I don't share their thoughts about food.  My opinion is, that it is all about their belief systems.  Their diets are "healthy" for them, because they really deep inside think and believe that their highly restricting diets are pampering their organs.

Why I don't recommend restricting diets?

Restricting diets fueled by a negative core belief that you are healthy only if you control your diet and environment. I have been there...

For years I controlled my environment and diet. Otherwise I got really nasty symptoms from chemicals in the environment and allergens in foods.

Why am I writing about the Chinese man and diets?

- Because you can apply this same phenomenon for your well being!

You are free to modify your core beliefs so that they support your happiness and well being. On the Free to Heal® online course I will teach you how your physical symptoms reveal your deepest beliefs about your own resources and the safety of the environment.  I will also show you how to change your core beliefs about anything.

When your core beliefs are aligned you can free yourself from restricting diets diets and protocols.   You can use the method to all challenges in life!  After this "reprogramming" you will be able to decide what is good and what is "bad" for you.  You will not need bodily symptoms, allergies or hypersensivities to tell what you can do!



I hope you could find the point in this quite complicated story.  English isn't my mother language... But I guess we can understand each other despite of that.   I would love to hear your thoughts on my post.

You can find more information about my method and online course here.


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