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As a bestselling author and recognized expert in the science of neuroplasticity, microbiome modification, and stress management,
I engage audiences all over the world.

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I give health and wellness talks and lead stimulating and engaging workshops, seminars, and well-being retreats all over the world.

Online Experiences

I address virtual meetings, workshops, team-building sessions, and discussions dedicated to wellness.

Private Engagements

For an intimate and transformative wellness experience, I share my knowledge and passion at privately hosted events.

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My Specialties

I connect with audiences all over the world who are looking for life-changing answers about their minds, their bodies, and a path toward lasting wellness. 

Rewire Your Brain

The Science of Neuroplasticity

As a recognized expert on neuroplasticity and the creator of the ground-breaking Free to Heal® method, I lead workshops, retreats, and wellness events that empower audiences all over the world to begin physiological and psychological healing.

What you and your audience will learn:

  • How to train your brain to be your ally for optimal health and well-being
  • How your mind reacts to symptoms and stress to cause both illness and wellness
  • How to dramatically reduce symptoms, or eliminate them altogether
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Heal From Within

Microbiome Modification

Good health starts within. As a researcher in good bacteria's impact on our health, I teach audiences about gut-friendly foods that will help eliminate troublesome symptoms while promoting mental clarity and physical well-being.

You and your audience will learn:

  • How your microbiome impacts your physical, emotional, and cognitive states
  • Which foods to include in your diet and which to avoid to promote a healthy microbiome
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Overcome Stress and Anxiety

Unconscious Stress Elimination

Chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and other emotional disorders plague contemporary culture, leading to burnout and loss of productivity. I will teach you to train your brain to eliminate stress and enjoy a calm, centered emotional state.

You and your audience will learn:

  • How chronic stress builds up in the body, triggering symptoms
  • That you have the power to train your brain to respond differently to stressors and anxiety
  • How to engage different thought patterns for unconscious elimination of stress
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Official Bio

Short Bio

Curious and independent by nature, Maria is a philosopher, architect, and Indoor Air Specialist who knows that the astonishingly powerful human mind can transform chronic illness into vibrant well-being.

After years of research, Maria developed the pioneering Free to Heal® Method which frees people all over the world from physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. Her bestselling book, Farewell Symptoms, and online meditations, talks, and workshops have helped people all across the globe take control of their health to live joyful, satisfying lives.

Long Bio

Maria has always been deeply interested in human health and its relationship to the built and natural environments, particularly how the choices we make every day impact our physical, psychological, and emotional well-being. After studying the philosophy and history of architecture in Helsinki and Barcelona, Maria was awarded a Master of Science degree. Armed with advanced research skills and a unique vision, she began investigating the link between the built environment and indoor air quality, ultimately becoming an Indoor Air Specialist.

Throughout her education and career, Maria - now a mother of four -  was also struggling with physical and mental illness. In her desperation to find a solution, she tried everything: restrictive diets, complicated tests, and piles of supplements. As years passed, nothing helped. When doctor after doctor assured her that her health was out of her hands, Maria finally decided to regain control of her body, mind, and spirit. Dedicating several years to researching the science of neuroplasticity and communicating with experts, she discovered that the source of human health and power does not lie outside of us, but within us. It is not buildings, diets, or theories that make us ill or well, but ourselves.

Drawing on the evidence-based neuroplasticity approach and incorporating the latest data regarding microbiome modification and unconscious stress management techniques, Maria pioneered the ground-breaking Free to Heal® method that empowers ordinary people to live healthy, happy lives by eliminating all of their symptoms - for good.

Freeing others from physical, mental, and emotional illness became Maria's calling in life, motivating her to improve lives by demonstrating the unique power of the human mind. Her bestselling book, Farewell Symptoms, and innovative online meditations, talks, one-on-one coaching sessions, and workshops are dedicated to helping people all across the globe achieve wellness, emotional strength, and joy.

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Medical Disclaimer: The Free to Heal® method is not a medical treatment and it doesn't exclude any medical treatments. If you have any questions concerning your health consult your doctor.