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Take Control of Your Health

Heal Your Body
With Your Mind

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Take Control of Your Health

Heal Your Body
With Your Mind

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Train Your Brain to Heal Your Body With Your Mind

When it comes to our health, our brains aren't always on our side. In this free video, I share my healing journey and explain how you can re-train your brain and start living symptom-free.

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Maria Nordin

Creator of the
Free to Heal® Method

Curious by nature, it was hard for me to accept the notion that our health is set in stone. Our minds are astonishingly powerful, and unlocking that potential means the difference between chronic illness and vibrant well-being.

After years of research, I developed the pioneering Free to Heal® Method which returns agency to where it belongs - your mind.

Freeing people from physical, mental, and emotional symptoms inspires and motivates my work. My bestselling book, Get Rid of Symptoms: Learn to Unleash Your Healing Power, as well as my online meditations, talks, and workshops, are dedicated to helping people all across the globe live healthy, happy, and fulfilling lives.


Re-Wire Your Brain for a
Symptom-Free Life

Start the Course for Free
Start the Course for Free
Self-Healing Begins in the Mind

The Free to Heal® Course Will Help You...

Eliminate Symptoms

You don't have to suffer from allergies, sensitivities, or chronic pain. Robust good health is possible.

Overcome Anxiety and Depression

Turn your brain into your strongest ally by learning how to heal your body with your mind.

Live a Joyful, Vibrant Life

Happiness begins with wellness - you deserve to feel energetic, cheerful, and inspired every single day.

Begin your journey to wellness
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from Maria


from Maria

Rewire Your Brain and Heal

12-Steps to Free Yourself from Symptoms

Maria's best seller book is soon available in English! Drawing on research in neuroplasticity and microbiome modification as well as spirituality traditions and stress management, the bestselling Farewell Symptoms - A 12-Step Guide to Rewiring Your Brain and Healing Yourself will invite you to re-examine your symptoms through a radically new lens.

You will learn to take your health and happiness into your own hands, eliminating symptoms and stressors for good.

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Discover the Root Causes of Physical and Mental Challenges

Coming soon in Finnish!

With an invaluable collection of examples, this extraordinary book will guide you to the hidden, root causes of your symptoms and illnesses, whether physiological, psychological, or emotional.

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Children's Meditative Sleep Time Storybook

This charming storybook six meditative stories that will gently engage your little one's imagination and soothe their busy minds as they prepare to drift off to sleep.

The book is interactive - the hero of the stories is the child whow is listening to the story! 

The book is currently available in Finnish and Swedish. 

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Year Calendars 
for Spiritual Growth

Maria has written three year calendars with different themes. 

The themes are:

  • The Year of Gratitude
  • The Year of Renewal
  • The Year of Inner Wisdom

These popular calendars have weekly consciousness exercises and affirmations. With the help of the calendar, you learn to listen to the guidance of your heart.

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from Maria


from Maria

Vagus Nerve
Quick Fix

Hack your stress system by activating your vagus nerve. With this quick and lighthearted humming meditation, you'll feel better ASAP.

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Deeply Healing
Lake Meditation

Find tranquility in the calming sounds of nature as you travel 500 years into the future, guided by Maria's soothing voice.

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Pain Free

No more PMS, cramps, or heavy bleeding. An empowering meditation to alleviate menstrual symptoms, resolve shame, and heal your uterus from within.

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My solutions for a better skin and gut microbiome

The secret to health lies in the microbes on the skin and intestine.

Forest biome multipurpose ointment contains good microbes, wild blueberry seed oil from the Finnish forest.


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Medical Disclaimer: The Free to Heal® method is not a medical treatment and it doesn't exclude any medical treatments. If you have any questions concerning your health consult your doctor.