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Heal Allergy Symptoms with This Innovative Brain Re-wiring Method

healing allergy symptoms neuroplasticity brain re-wiring

Spring and summer can be a painful time for those suffering from pollen-related allergies. Up to 26% of Americans suffer from some degree of pollen allergy.

Pollen allergy is an annoying condition that also reduces the quality of life - after all, summer and spring are times when it would be beneficial for both mental and physical health to spend time outdoors, exercising, and enjoying nature. However, pollen can make spring and summer a living hell.

Of course, medication can be used to treat pollen-related symptoms, but some of those sensitized to pollen do not get relief from medication either. Medications can also cause unpleasant side effects, and as a result of medication use, tolerance to medication can also increase, requiring dosage increases for the medications to be effective.

What Is Pollen Allergy

Is pollen dangerous? NO! Pollen allergy is actually a misinterpretation!

In pollen allergy the bodies defence sytem, the immune system, interprets that pollen is dangerous and creates symptoms against it.

Pollen is not dangerous but the body-mind perceive it as it was dangerous. By using principles of neuroplastcity one can re-wire the brain so that pollen is not perceived as dangerous anymore.

Symptoms Caused by Pollen Strain the Body and Mind

The severe physical symptoms caused by pollen also burden mental endurance. Life can easily drift into distressing thoughts and despair. Someone experiencing severe pollen symptoms may feel inferior and ask themselves, "Why me?".

You may once again find yourself browsing pollen reports and new medications or diets to alleviate pollen allergy symptoms.

It is known that the mind drifting towards catastrophic thoughts increases symptoms. This easily creates a self-feeding negative cycle, where the mind reinforces the symptoms, and the symptoms reinforce negative thoughts.

This cycle can be cut and you can take charge of your neural networks.

Uncover the Power of Mind-Body Techniques to Rewire Your Brain and Relieve Allergies

Everyone knows that allergies can arise at some point in life. Often, allergies or symptoms arise during a stressful life phase (this may also be unconscious).

Tim, a Free to Heal® course member that healed from severe pollen allergy using Free to Heal® realized, that his allergy symptoms started when he was 6 years old and his parents divorced. He even remombered the situation: He was picking wild flowers for his mother wanting to make mother happy again. And when he gave the bouquet to his mother, his nose was stuck, eyes were watery, swollen and red like tomatoes.

In the Free to Heal® online course, I will teach you a method that is based on modifying the neural networks of the brain. In addition, the method breaks down conscious and unconscious stress as well as cell stress that is stored in cell memory.

Boost Your Microbiome to Heal Allergy

The online course also delves into modifying your own natural microbiome to support healing and well-being. There is a vast amount of research on the connection between the microbiome and allergies,, but in the course, we focus on what we can do to modify our body's conditions to be favorable to health-supporting microbes.

How we experience the environment affects how our genes manifest. Different life events can cause biochemical reactions that activate or deactivate genes. In this case, the sensitivity of the gene to messages sent by the body is strengthened or weakened. Even though the basic structure of the gene may not be changed, external events can change gene behavior - and this is precisely what we aim to influence with the exercises in the Free to Heal® online course!

The Latest Science Supporting Online Course Principles

I hope you didn't get the impression that pollen-induced symptoms are psychological. This is not the case. The symptoms are completely physical and real!

However, numerous studies have shown a connection between stress hormones and allergy, asthma, and skin symptoms.

In the latest research, it is also noted that in the future, the treatment of allergies, including pollen-induced symptoms, will involve various conscious stress management techniques. Many studies have already shown the effectiveness of different mind related methods.


An Effective and Safe Alternative to Desensitization Therapy for Pollen and Other Allergies

The Free to Heal® online course and exercise method does not exclude any medical treatment. The method can also be practiced excellently alongside desensitization therapy. Actually, some course members have reported that desensitization therapy didn't heal them at all, but they found complete healing to pollen allergy from Free to Heal®. One of them is Eveliina, who's story you can see here:

Here you can see Jose's healing story from pollen allergy.

Perfectly Suitable for Children and Young People Suffering from Allergies or Hay Fever

Young people, children, and babies are also welcome on the course with their own parent. In this case, the parent looks at the course material. The course has separate instructions for applying the method with the child according to their age.

You can start the course immediately after registering. The course has 10 steps and the material is available for one year.

Join me and let's enjoy this summer to the fullest!

Read more about the method here.


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