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The Ultimate Guide to a Pain-Free Period: This is how Meditation Can Help You Heal

My Journey: Two Uteruses to Pain-Free Period

For many years, I suffered from excruciating menstrual pains and heavy bleeding due to having two uteruses. (I talk about how having two uteruses affected my childbirth in this podcast). It affected my daily life and made me feel ashamed and isolated.

But through my journey, I discovered the power of meditation and how it helped me to overcome shame and heal my body. In this blog post, I'll share my personal story and how you too can use meditation to have a pain-free period.

My mother was always open about the subject and she never had menstrual pains. She was a great role model. But when my period started I realized that I was different. I was sure that I was completely flawed and not a real woman. I tried to explain my mother that I might have two uteruses and she tried to explain normal anatomy. Finally she took me to a gynecologist who affirmed that I was right. I had (and have) two uteruses. After the diagnosis I felt a little bit relieved, but anyhow very confused and ashamed.

One of the most important factors that helped me balance my menstrual cycle and free myself from period pain was meditation and emotional self-care: facing my most shameful and hurtful emotions and past experiences with gratitude using a specific meditation technique. I will tell you more about that later.

“At her first bleeding a woman meets her power.
During her bleeding years she practices it.
At menopause, she becomes it.“
Native American saying

Understanding Menstrual Pain: The Physical and Emotional Causes

I believe that menstruation is a normal bodily function (like breathing, eating, digesting and even childbirth) and that normal bodily functions shouldn't cause suffering. If there is any suffering during these bodily functions, it is a sign of unprocessed emotions related to sexuality, womanhood, fertility etc. 

In practice this means that the uterus tries to empty itself, but some of the uterine muscles resist the menstrual event. This conflict leads to the emergence of the experience of pain.

My view is that menstrual pain is always due to this resistance. Resistance, on the other hand, is caused by negative attitudes, thoughts, feelings and experiences related to the uterus, femininity, sexuality and menstruation.

So the body, the uterus, tries to empty itself, but some of the muscles of the uterus resist the menstrual event. This conflict leads to the emergence of the experience of pain.

Resistance is usually in the realm of the unconscious mind. It is born from negative attitudes, thoughts, feelings and experiences experienced during life related to the womb, femininity, sexuality and menstruation.

These experiences could have happened at any stage of life, and they didn't even have to be very dramatic. Still, the mind has been able to interpret them as negative to such an extent that it wants to oppose the natural bodily function called menstruation.

Menstrual Cramps Are a Message - Listen to them

According to my point of view, menstrual pains communicate negative experiences in the past (one's own or the ancestors') related to femininity, fertility, childbirth or sexuality.

These experiences have caused the uterus and menstruation to be connected to threat, danger, in our brains on a neural level. This phenomenon has happens according to the most famous principle of neuroplasticity: "Neurons that fire together, wire together".

After this, the body naturally resists the menstrual event, in order to "protect" you from the event, which at the level of the mind has become interpreted as threatening and dangerous.

If the pain, the message, is dampened with drugs, the uterus has to "shout louder" to be heard. Menstruation becomes more abundant, more painful, the endometrium spreads even outside the womb, so that the womb can be seen, heard and recognized as alive and feeling...


Past Experiences and Period Pain

The uterus should be every girls bff. The womb just strives to do its monthly job, to empty itself from the uterine layer, but subconscious processes prevent this, which creates a contradiction and causes the pain.

If the body and mind resist that experience and the sensations that it brings, this contradiction produces the pain.

Instead of trying to silence our wombs messages, let's hear them!

When you start to treat the symptoms as valuable messengers and you notice that they are on your side, the resistance can be softened just by this. The body no longer needs to scream so loudly and produce symptoms when they are noticed even with a smaller one.

When you start to reflect more closely on your experiences related to menstruation, sexuality, body or womanhood, usually events from the past that were not necessarily so pleasant come to mind. Usually the first experiences are the most powerful. And no great drama is needed, and yet the experiences could have been stored in the child's mind as "traumatic" and negative.

If you wish, you can now reflect on what kind of feelings have been associated with your first experiences, for example:

  • about femininity (What kind of female models have you seen? What kind of being a woman has appeared to you, for example, in childhood, What kind of feelings did these experiences evoke in you at that time?)
  • about fertility (What feelings did you have when you first heard about menstruation? What did you feel when your period started? What kind of situations did you experience related to your menstruation as a young girl? What experiences and feelings are associated with menstruation in your life?)
  • about childbirth (What was your own birth like? What kind of stories have you heard about childbirth? What are your birth experiences, if any?)
  • about sexuality (What emotions did you feel when you first heard about sex? What was your first sex experience like? What emotions did you experience? Have you experienced unworthy?)

Remember: Don't take your menstrual pains too personally!

Menstrual pain is influenced not only by your own experiences, but also by the experiences of your mother, grandmother and great-grandmothers. This phenomenon is called emotional inheritance. (Emotional inheritance is the transmission of emotions from generation to generation).

However, each menstrual cycle is a wonderful opportunity to connect with our womblineages great wisdom. The womb truly speaks to us if we listen to it - and learn its nonverbal language.


Healing the Womb with Meditation: Tips and Techniques

Calming your mind, especially while experiencing menstrual pain, can be challenging. My suggestion is to choose a meditation done specifically to treat menstrual pains.

My Pain Free Period menstruation is my most popular meditation that was originally released in Finnish. Thousands of Finnish women have found relief to menstrual cramps and even endometriosis using this meditaation.  

Buy Pain Free Period here

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The Pain Free Period meditation can be done at any time of your menstrual cycle. It can also be done while pregnant and when you are preparing to pleasurable childbirth and while entering menopause.

And yes, a little update. Now I have 4 children, 3 born from my right uterus and one bor from my left uterus. Even though I have two uteruses, my menstruation is pleasurable. I don't have heavy flows.To proof that I can tell that I haven't used any disposable menstrual pad or tampons for 10 years. I only use a natural sea sponge as protection for 3 days a month.

Now, I want to hear you're experience! 


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