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The Editor-in-Chief of Skeptic's Magazine Found Relief to Dentofobia

sceptic magazine Maria Nordin

I received a message over the weekend, "Hi, Maria! I wrote a slightly different review of your book for Skeptic's Magazine (Skeptikko). I tried your method and I will tell about the results in the article.".

With great interest and gratitude, I clicked open the article.

This is what I have been calling for for a long time: That the method should be tested it in practice, instead of knocking it out without getting familiar with it.

Instant Relief to Dentofobia

The Get Rid of Symptoms book (currently available in Finnish) and the Free to Heal® course are about practicing a holistic method. The method can be used to any physical and mental health challenges from allergies to fobias and autoimmune diseases to anxiety and OCD.

Numerous studies have been conducted on the individual aspects of the method, such as self-talk, mindfulness exercises, breathing exercises and gratitude interventions, in which these have been found to affect the body's physical functions and health.

However, my method is more than the individual parts, and the effectiveness of this combination has not (yet) been studied by scientific means, and nowhere do I claim so! However, that does not mean that the method is not effective and functional. Thousands of course participants have received help from practicing the method for various physical and psychological challenges.

I am especially grateful that the editor-in-chief of Skeptikko magazine, Risto K. Järvinen, has read my book and, based on his description, followed my instructions almost slavishly. In the book review, Järvinen talks openly and funny about his fear of the dentist, and how he got significant help to dentofobia with it after only a week of training.

Defense System Reprogramming

Dentofobia is a extreme reaction and misunderstanding of the defense system. Going to the dentist is something that is good for us, but the defense system thinks that it is extremely dangerous and protects us from it by creating this enormous fear reaction.

My method is all about calming down the body's defense system and building new interpretations and neural connections between things related to any health challenges. Järvinen has noticed the connection with self-suggestion. I have used the hypnobirthing method in preparation for childbirth. Thanks to my method and the hypnobirthing method, I have experienced two painless and enjoyable births! This experience of mine and the fact that I have also undergone hypnobirthing coach training is also reflected in the method, to which I have brought all my expertise from different areas.

However, my method differs from hypnosis, which often has some kind of therapist-patient setting. My perspective is that we each have our own inner power that allows us to change our body's reactions. And of course, I recommend always being open to all kinds of directions that can help you find your own strength. I can act as a guide in the course, but everyone does the "healing work" themselves, i.e. brain reprogramming.

I believe that when you experience this phenomenon a few times, your whole worldview changes in a significant way.

Practicing Tenaciously and Yet Gently

Järvinen received help for his challenge exceptionally quickly. I have stated several times that it doesn't matter if you believe in the effectiveness of the method. The most important thing is to do the exercises, even though they may seem quite silly. In general, I recommend training for at least five weeks, and in some cases even a year.

For the second challenge, Järvinen didn't get help during the short training period, but I believe that with persistent and gentle training, he can also quickly get rid of the nasal spray addiction. I have received feedback from several people who have practiced the method, who have said that they got rid of various addictions with the help of the method.

The method is not intended for everyone, but for those who are interested and willing to practice it. I do give Järvise full marks for putting himself in the league. And really, I feel you bro. I remember how silly I felt at the beginning of the trip, smelling synthetic detergents in the store and spouting weird litanies to tell my defense system that it's perfectly okay to live in a modern environment where you might also come across fragrance chemicals every now and then...

At the end of the story, Järvinen also tells a surprising twist, his eyesight also improved!

You can see what my video about here:

But it's better that you read the story from Skeptikko magazine in its entirety here yourself.

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